Storage in a Warehouse

Adios Long-Term Contracts

At Spatium.Hub, we help you store your products whenever and wherever you want. Be it 150 or 15000 pallets, we’ve got your back! Our warehouse network is all set to roll.

It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Looking For;


we've got it !

Certified by AIB

Let it be ketchup or marshmallows we’ve got you covered in our Food Grade warehouse


Quality beyond assurance. You can count on us with your eyes closed

Chilled Storage

From ice-creams to cranberries and everything that needs a chill, we’ve got you covered

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

Be it chemicals or flammables, our HAZMAT warehouse are all set to handle and store your goods safely


Our pharmaceutical grade warehouses are licensed to handle your products from medical equipment to prescription drugs and even OTC.

Heavy Machinery

Don’t worry about huge and bulky products. We’ll help you store them with a Non- standard pallet size or a massive crane.

Warehouse with a Bond

We will help you store your inventory safe and sound plus duty-free in the United States until it reaches its destination.

Temperature Control

Don’t fret about products getting spoiled. We’ve got temperature and humidity controlled warehouses that can help you.

Organic Certified

Let your green thumb make the best oatmeal bars or grow the sweetest watermelons while we put them to rest in our warehouse.

Storage that is Adaptable, Dependable, and Scalable


Spatium.Hub is right by your side as your business keeps on booming. Our network gives you the platform to store your products in one or more warehouse(s) in just a matter of days.

Pallet-Based Pricing

At Spatium.Hub you pay only for the space you use. Witnesses product transparency and straightforwardness.

It’s a Monthly Thing

Adios to never-ending lease agreements and Hola to flexible warehousing. No more sticking onto a single warehouse!

Our Storage Facilities Are Super Special

The apt location for you

Spatium.Hub has more than 1000 fully serviced warehouses and fulfillment partners all over the nation. It doesn’t matter if it’s New Jersey or California or both, wherever and whenever you need a product, we’ve a place for you!

Much more than ‘storage’

Are you working on a one-of-a-kind project? Be it custom shipments, knitting projects or subscription box assembly; Spatium.Hub is always a step ahead to go beyond customer expectations. We offer more than just storage.

Safe and Secure Facilities

Spatium.Hub gives you the assurance that your products are safe and sound in our functional space operated by our trained professionals and experienced handlers.


Certified Warehousing by Spatium.Hub

In order to ascertain security and quality standards, Spatium.Hub takes the pledge to inspect and approve each warehouse. Our warehouse’s open doors to your needs from receiving your inventory to palletizing your goods and also performing custom services such as kitting.

  • Wholesale Carton Pick
  • Labelling of Products
  • Unloading and Cross-Docking of Containers
  • Pick, Pack, & Ship
  • Projects for Kitting
  • FBM Prep on Amazon

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