Fulfillment by Shopify

Spatium.Hub optimizes Shopify stores like yours by flawlessly integrating an all in one system that handles storing, fulfilling and shipping your product like a charm.

Simplistic and Flawless

Merge Shopify with Spatium.Hub

You can now integrate your Shopify store with Spatium.Hub instantly by following our onscreen instructions with a fraction of a few minutes.

Shift your Products

We’ll help set up your products in the best fulfillment center with adherence to your needs and requirements alongside suggest the best facility based on your order history . We’ll even help you shift your products to its new home.

Make Customers Smile

As soon as your Shopify store receives an order, Spatium.Hub starts it’s engines and begins to pick, pack and ship your product. Track every move that is made along the way and make your customers smile.

Stimulate your growth

Shipping in 2 Days

Offer 2-day shipping to your customers at a profit by strategically storing your products in chosen facility centres across the nation

Insights Based on Data

Optimize your supply change by getting hold of insights from shifting consumer demands to SKU level insights.

Creating a Brand

You’re the boss hence you’ve got complete authority. Starting from ordering to unboxing to putting a smile on your customer’s face.

Real Time Inventory

Spatium.Hub gives you the entry to real time inventory levels to all your fulfillment centres. This makes restocking as easy as pushing a button.

Subscription Boxes

Spatium.Hub’s warehouses are specially certified for subscription and kitting custom packaging. For all your special projects we’ve got it covered!

Messages for Gifts

Give a token of appreciation to your loyal customers by adding a note option on Shopify and the same along with the packing slip.

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