Supply Chain



Are you working on a one-of-a-kind project? Be it custom shipments, knitting projects or subscription box assembly, Spatium. Hub is always a step ahead to go beyond customer expectations. We offer more than just storage!.


We at Spatium.Hub ensures handling inbound and outbound requests by maximising the reliability and efficiency of distribution networks while minimizing transport and storage costs. All you have to do is ping us, and we’ll be at your service!

eCommerce Fulfillment

It doesn’t matter if you ship to a store or directly at your customer’s footstep, Spatium.Hub is the one stop solution that will help you manage your e-commerce and retail fulfillment needs.

Real Time Inventory control

Spatium.Hub inventory control services reduce the amplitude of handling your products experience and minimise overstocking by truncating the requirement to carry about standing inventory. By standing inventory, we mean that you have more space for areas where your business requires the most.

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