Cross-Docking services

In a market like e-commerce, one needs to maximize on every opportunity. One of the best ways to put forth your competitive side is through Spatium.Hub’s cross-docking services.

More expeditious Product Flow

The speed of distribution is the key ingredient to a prosperous e-commerce supply chain. Spatium.Hub cross-dock services provide speed and efficiency by amalgamating inventory and shipping directly to the final customer by in turn makes same-day distribution possible.

Minimize Storage Costs

Spatium.Hub cross docks minimize the labour cost, material handling, and storage in three facile steps:

  • The supplier brings forth a full shipment of inventory into our cross-dock.
  • Once the order comes in we sort, and transfer your customer orders to the apt outbound truck.
  • We go ahead and make the final delivery

Your inventory barely spends 24 hours in our storage allowing you to minimizing the risk of your inventory’s damage

Scale with your business

Spatium.Hub cross docks scale with your business as we say adios to lengthy lease agreements or pricey space minimums. Just pay for the service you need

Rely Less on Warehousing

Spatium.Hub Cross-docking services helps remove long-term warehousing from your supply chain and minimize the cost of unloading, storage, retrieval, and reloading.

Amend Inventory Management

Spatium.Hub cross-docking services not only reduces the amplitude of handling your products experience, but also minimises overstocking by truncating the requirement to carry about standing inventory. By standing inventory we mean that, you have more space for areas where your business requires the most.

Increment Customer Gratification

Spatium.Hub cross-docking services increase the haste of distribution, which denotes your customers receive their shipments more expeditious. There are no storage or handling fees, indicating that you can offer lower prices, resulting in your customers having a  more gratifying experience.

Minimize Risk

We at Spatium.Hub care about your inventory, bottom line, and business. We ensure every warehouse for safety, security, and handling expertise.

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